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How does a group that has existed “under the radar” for itsĀ entire history go about changing their image in the public eye in such a way that not only gathers widespread support but also sparks meaningful political change? By queering the political landscape, according to Cristina Beltran’s article. This very idea is sort of alien to me, I’ve heard the word thrown around but I didn’t know what it meant in the context of political action. But thinking about it, new media provides perfect avenues for inverting, shifting, or otherwise rearranging the very ways people look at political issues, especially ones that deal with immigration reform. When DREAM activists decided it was time for their voices to be heard, they came out of the shadows on the Internet, exposing themselves to a network that can track and access their information. This decision to wave their flag in the face of a machine that doesn’t allow for them to exist makes the DREAMers not just visible but only impossible to ignore. Paired with a resonating message, they created a truly innovative and powerful grassroots movement.