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In this post, I am going back to week 13 to address the readings from that week. Ranciere discussed the paradox of democracy in that the democracy of social life undermines the political democracy. However, I also saw this paradox in the examples of how some immigration reform activists use social media as a platform to give a face to their campaigns. The individual support of each individual is stressed. Giving each opinion and voice a face, a more personified aspect, would enhance the support of the campaign to bring together a collective of relatable individuals. This made me think of my sister’s favorite artist, JR, that she told me about a few months ago. He does something a bit different- instead of bringing together thousands of voices, he highlights just one, but on a huge scale. He plasters a cut-out of a photo of an immigrant on a public surface so that the image can then only be viewed in its entirety from a distance or from a bird’s eye view. Most recently he plastered an image near the flat iron building where thousands of people walked over the art piece without knowing. Only until the cover of last weekend’s NY Magazine showed the image from above did it become apparent what it was. It is supposed send the message that the immigrants are integrated into the US, where everyone passes by each other without being aware of their background. They are sewn into the fabric of the everyday life in the states.