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Beltrán’s essay Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic was the reading that struck me most form this week. I’ve been familiar with people sharing their lives on the internet; I think a lot of the people in my generation had access to and probably read articles and watched videos in which bloggers or vloggers (video-bloggers) have shared personal life stories. (“Draw My Life” Youtbe video, for example). Stories of personal struggle are abundant on the net, but it was very enlightening to read that undocumented immigrants (young people specifically) shared their lives on the internet, when they have little to no exposure in real life.

Reading the testimonios of these people really struck me. One of the struggles an outsider or and immigrant faces is paradox of being uncomfortable not fitting in, and being uncomfortable losing one’s identify and roots to conformity. Communication on the internet seems to allow one to actually keep who they are, but with exposure and exposé this is not the case. The exposé brings down individuality because the content is open and disseminated to people who could have no relation to the original content creator. I’m curious to see if the DREAMer networks consist mostly of immigrants or if the communities have a diversity. If the undocumented immigrants are just surrounding themselves with themselves, the their discourse will not “allow them to articulate political alternatives that can be shared across time and space.”