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I loved the mysterious way in which Patchwork girl slowly unraveled, revealing it’s characters and universe to me as a non-linear story that I was in charge of unfolding, only I had a blindfold on myself, in that I had no conception of the framework behind the story. I enjoyed the nostalgic aspect as well, (having to enter in the text through the older mac interface) which I think majorly influenced my reading of the story, a McLuhan said “the medium is the message.” Just as soon as I thought I was getting a hang of the rhythm of this unfolding literary web, I would stumble upon some new network schema that organized things completely differently. My favorite aspect of the experience was reading the stories behind each of the body parts, which so effectively and simultaneously populated this world as well as others that we would not get to explore in this read through. (By introducing characters or referencing events and places that we would hear nothing more of).