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This week I was most interested in the topic of Occupy Wall Street in “Networks of Outrage and Hope.” I was particularly drawn to questions of space with Occupy Wall Street. Indeed, the very core of the movement was occupation of space. However, this space seemed to exist beyond Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. Cyberspace seemed equally as important (if not, more important) than the literal spaces being occupied across the country. Also interesting is how spaces move and shift between cyberspace and urban space. This 21st century movement brings up many questions regarding the distortion and occupation of spaces both online and beyond. Castells proposes: “The space of the movement is always made of an interaction between he space of flows on the Internet and the wireless communication networks, and the space of places of the occupied sites and of symbolic buildings targeted by protest actions. This hybrid of cyberspace and urban space constitutes a third space that I call the space of autonomy” (250). He proposes this space as the new form of 21st century movements. I’d like to think about this more.

Lastly, I can’t help but think about this movement without considering Sara Ahmed’s arguments about the social politics of emotion. Particularly her discussion of stickiness and her example of the American flag. Indeed, after reading her book, I do think the repetition of phrases and images in Occupy Wallstreet like “We are the 99%” and guy fawkes masks were essential in unifying the group. Especially because the movement was so large, vast, and leaderless, a sense of cohesion was important. What else does repetition do for a movement? I’d also like to think about this as a consumer of media. As Occupy Wall Street was one of the most recorded movements in history, how did image repetition (in particular) affect our understanding of the movement? What does a revolution look like in an age of proliferation (of information, images, data)?

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