CKB Updates, March 2011

— GreenFile – BRN04680
— – BRN05142
— RIPM – BRN05084
— Garland encyclopedia of world music online – BRN05338
— Naxos Music Library: Jazz – BRN04884 (need username/password)

To Be Activated:
— Naxos Music Library: Jazz – BRN04884 (waiting on username/password)

IRD switch to new BRN # (switched subj assignments; updated metalib & metalib_dbs2cats tables):
— North American Women’s Letters and Diaries BRN03151 –> BRN04323
— Black Drama (Alexander Street Press) from Chadwyck BRN03150 –> BRN04241 (does not seem to be working)
— Women and Social Movements US 1600-2000 – Scholars Edition (Alexander Street Press) BRN03152 –> BRN05472
— Avery from ebsco BRN04599 to Wilson BRN05393
— Art Full Text from Art Abstracts BRN02608 –> BRN02991
— Art Retrospective from Art Index Retrospective BRN02899 –> BRN02922
— Bibliography of the History of Art BRN02740 –> BRN05516
— Smithsonian Global Sound – BRN03631 –> BRN05423 (not working – 0 results)
— Gerritsen Collection – BRN03466 –> BRN04373
— Francis – BRN 02702 –> BRN04014
Deactivate & change subj assignment & update metalib tables
— Music Online: Classical Music Library – BRN03215 –> BRN05358
— Naxos Music Library BRN03297 –> BRN04871
— HAPI Online BRN03230 –> BRN0559
— Naxos Music Library – BRN03297 –> BRN04871 (need username/password)
— FIAF Databases Online – BRN02849 –> BR05316

— Cross-Cultural Databases: BRN03327, 03417,03418,03419,03420,03421,03422,03423,03334,03433 (removed subject assignments; not in metalib table)
— Literature Online BRN03196

EBSCO Databases
— Added link to records in native interface

Alexander Street Press
— American Civil War: Letters and Diaries – BRN03149 – working (local config)
— Black Drama (Alexander Street Press) – BRN04241 0 results
— In the First Person (ASP) – BRN04445 0 results
— Music Online: American Song (Alexander Street Press) – BRN05187 0 results
— Music Online: Classical Music Library – BRN05358 0 results
— Music Online: Contemporary World Music (Alexander Street Press) – BRN05186 0 results
— North American Women’s Letters and Diaries (ASP) – BRN04323 – working
— Smithsonian Global Sound – BRN03631 0 results
— Women and Social Movements US 1600-2000 – Scholars Edition (Alexander Street Press) – BRN05472 – working

Questions / Not in ML
— Alternative Press Index – was OCLC BRN02944, now ebsco –>
— Alternative Press Index Archive BRN03271 –>
— CINAHL – in josiah but not in datbases a-z, not available in ML
— European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 – not in metalib
— funk & wagnalls from ebsco BRN02493? but seems to be working, to lexisnexis which is not in ML
— Asian American Drama

Xerxes 1.8

Installed 2/2011
cron job repopulates database every Weds at midnight

— switch link resolver (done)
— add Find Database (done)
— authentication

Anthro Fixes

From RF:
Cannot get Anthrosource, Anthropological Literature, and Abstracts in Anthropology to work with metalib. The last resource may not be metalib enabled.
These databases were switched from a local to the Ex Libris config. Links to categories were changed in the ML Categories Admin and in the metalib, metalib2programs, and metalib_dbs2cats tables.
— Anthropological Literature (BRN02616 -> BRN04401)


At some point the EBSCO hostname:port changed from to
This change was made for Business Source complete but not for other EBSCO databases. On 12/22/09 I changed the hostname:port for the databases below and all are now working again.
— Academic Search Premier
— ATLA Religion Database
— Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
— EconLit
— Gender Studies Database
— GeoRef
— Humanities International Database
— LGBT Life
— Library, Information Science
— Military & Government Collection
— MLA Directory of Periodicals
— MLA International Bibliography
— Philosopher’s Index
— PsycArticles
— PsycInfo
— Religion and Philosophy Collection
— Regional Business News
— SocIndex with Full Text
These databases were switched from a local to the Ex Libris config. Links to categories were changed in the ML Categories Admin and in the metalib, metalib2programs, and metalib_dbs2cats tables.
— ABSEES (BRN03310 ->BRN03570)
— Environmental Issues & Policy Index (BRN03115 -> BRN03272)
— Global Health (BRN03444 -> BRN05283)
— Index Islamicus (BRN03276 -> BRN04872)
— International Political Science Abstracts (BRN03117 -> BRN04068) (both were activated)
— LGBT Life (BRN03113 -> BRN04003) (both were activated; neither worked)
— MLA Directory of Periodicals (BRN03116 -> BRN04469)
— SocIndex with Full Text (BRN03741 -> BRN03988) (both were activated; neither worked)
These databases were active with no config or not activated at all. The list of current Brown EBSCO subscriptions is at:,uid&profile=ehost
All have now been activated and are cross-searchable.
— Philosopher’s Index (BRN02528 -> BRN04846) (no config)
— PsycCritiques (BRN04848)
— Pre-CINAHL (Material is now available in CINAHL)
Platform Changed to EBSCO but ML not changed!:
(These are currently not working – note sent to ACN – does vendor need to enable?)
— America: History and Life (from ABC-CLIO) (BRN03721 -> BRN04576)
— Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (BRN03743 -> BRN04599)
— Historical Abstracts (BRN03720 -> BRN04577)

Quick Set Changes – New Configurations

Biological Abstracts now on Thompson, not Silver Platter
BRN02637 –> BRN03740 (Database & category changes made)
Lecture Notes in Mathematics
BRN03502 –> BRN05137 (Database & category changes made)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
BRN03493 –> BRN05063 (Database & category changes made)
Lecture Notes in Physics
BRN05138 (Added to ML Physics category)

Automated Error Reports

See article “Harder than you think” in IGeLU 2008 newsletter on using MetaLib statistical reports to gather info about resources that generate errors.
Scripts are on EL Commons
MetaLib Automatic Monthly Statistics Gathering Script

Newspapers, April 2009

In conjunction with work on quicksets, these ProQuest newspapers are now working in ML:
ProQuest Historical Newspapers
Wall Street Journal (1889 – 1991)
New York Times (1851 – 2005)
ProQuest Newspapers (current)
Providence Journal, 1983 – current
Los Angeles Times, 1985 – current
New York Times, 1980 – current
Chicago Tribune, 1985 – current
New York Times Book Review (added to book reviews quickset)
To be done (need to be added to metalib table when activated):
list at:*&vDBID=5&Grp=1
The Atlanta Daily World (1931 – 2003)
Chicago Tribune (1849 – 1986)
Los Angeles Times (1881 – 1986)
New York Amsterdam News: 1922-1993
Washington Post (1877 – 1992)

ebooks, April 2009

In setting up New Quicksets at David S’s request, the following changes were made in the KB:
Project Gutenberg
Switched to IndexData z39 config (BRN04265) from ‘link to’ config (BRN02942)
Updated metalib, metalib_dbs2cats, and metalib2programs tables
Updated quicksets
Internet Archive
No MetaLib config; configured locally.
Added to MetaLib table & ebooks list
Open Content Alliance
Activated MetaLib config; Added to MetaLib table & ebooks list

CKB Update – April 3, 2009

Business Source Complete
Activated Business Source Complete; Deactivated Business Source Premier
[Noticed that BSP was returning an error; did not know that we had upgraded]
Updated metalib and metalib2programs tables:

update `metalib2programs`
set BRN_id = “BRN04029”
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN02492”

Nineteen LRGs had been using BSC in a metasearch; those are now switched to BSC
Two ML category assignments were switched to BSC
This query identifies them:

SELECT * FROM `metalib_dbs2cats`
left join metalib_categories using (meta_cat_id)
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN02492”

Updated “in a Hurry?” and “Social Science” quicksets

New XML gateway config; send IP to vendor; CKB# unchanged

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Full Text
Changed title from Digital Dissertations; Search was returning 0 hits; Needed database code (G647) which was not included in config notes.

Full Text Icon on Result Screens

Tried once again to get the “full text icon” to show on ML result screens to no avail.
Followed instructions in User Interface Guide 4.1.X
15.7.3 “Full Text Button in Full/Table/Brief Views of Record”

To implement this option in the Full, Table, and Brief views:
1 Change the following setting in the ./metalib_conf/www_server.conf  file:
setenv check_full_text_avail N
setenv check_full_text_avail ALL
2 Exit and save the changes to the file.
3 Enter the following command to restart the Web servers;
The FTEXT field, with subfield $$a, appears both in the original and in the converted record display. 
A Y or N in this field indicates whether full text is available for the particular record.

There is no FTEXT field in the record.
We should investigate enabling peer review buttons – User Interface Guide 4.3, page 110

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