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InfoGate Statistics

Lori exported statistics for Sept – Nov 2005 and posted them on the web –

‘Previous’ ‘Next’ Links

We had a recent request from a user –

Once again, than you for offering InfoGate! It’s coming quite in handy in completing my research. As I know this is a work in process, I wanted to mention the following. After searching for articles, and scrolling down through a number of articles, I’ve noticed that there aren’t any links to go to the next page; you have to scroll to the top of the screen in order to access the “Next” and “Back” buttons. While that’s not the worst thing in the world, it would be convenient if those links were added to the bottom of the screen, or even add a “Top of the Page” link.

University of Maryland posted a workaround to the SMUG listserv which we can use. This involves adding some javascript to the javascript pages:
/******* prev and next *******/
var prevUrl =”;
var nextUrl = ”;
function setNext(str) {
nextUrl = str;
function setPrev(str) {
prevUrl = str;
The relevant pages are: find-ej-2-js, find-db-2-js, quick-3-js, meta-3-js
On the display pages it’s necessary to set the variables. The specific variable depends on the function. Below is an example for ‘find e-journals or ‘find databases’ ( The variables for ‘Quick Search’ and ‘Multi-Search’ are $0900 and $1000.)’:
<script language=”JavaScript”>
// –>
and then create a new table row at the bottom of the results screen:
<TD CLASS=”Block” height=23>
<TD width=”100%”></TD>
<TD align=”right” nowrap VALIGN=”TOP” STYLE=”PADDING-TOP:3PX”>
<script language=”JavaScript”>
// –>
<script language=”JavaScript”>
// –>
The relevant pages are: find-ej-2-body, find-ej-3-body, find-db-2-body, find-db-3-body, quick-3-body, meta-3-body

Two new databases for MetaLib

Two new databases have been put up on the web and are in cataloguing now. They are Humanities International Complete, which has taken over the American Humanities Index, and the Library Literature and Information Sciece database, which comes as a no-fee resource. I have added these into MetaLib, but they need configuration.
configured 2/06 (jmr)

Maintenance Workflow Documentation

MetaLib Maintenance Workflow Documentation, 12/5/05
This is out of date – Documentation has been moved to the wiki

CKB Update, 11/30/05

CKB Update, 11/30/05
These resources were updated & tested:

  • Historical Abstracts
    Configuration ABCCLIO_XML added
    Action Taken: New IRD (BRN03720) activated; old IRD (BRN02546) deactivated; Category assignments changed in MetaLib Categories Admin; MySQL tables updated (jmr)

  • America: History and Life
    Configuration ABCCLIO_XML added
    Action Taken: New IRD (BRN03721) activated; old IRD (BRN02537) deactivated; Category assignments changed in MetaLib Categories Admin; MySQL tables updated (jmr)

  • IEEE Xplore
    Configuration IEEE_XPLORE added
    Action Taken: Local IRD deactivated (BRN03483) – no subject or deep-link assignments; sfx button suppressed since record links to full text and sfx does not. (jmr)

These new resources were activated and added to eresources.metalib table:

  • Nature (NPG)
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (ONIM)
  • BMJ

These updated resources were tested:

  • Grove Art Online
  • Grove Music Online
  • Blackwell Synergy
  • PsychINFO
  • Oxford Reference Online
  • Web of Science
  • Science Citation Index Expanded
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index

Updates to these resources are pending:

  • ScienceDirect (need username & password – ACN has requested)
  • SCOPUS (need username & password – ACN has requested)

JCR Online

I have added Journal Citation Reports Online to MetaLib. Just needs configuration.
Not configurable – will have to be a link-only resource. Added to MySQL table. (jmr)