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September 2006 Service Pack

Service pack was applied by Bob Morse on 9/20/06 – Follow-up needed for manual changes

Database Cancellations

These databases have been slated for cancellation in Oct-Dec 2006:
— Accunet/AP Photo Archive (resourceid=20; BRN03148)
— Archives USA (resourceid=21; BRN03178)
— CollegeSourceOnline (resourceid=88; BRN03078)
— International Index to Black Periodicals Full Text (resourceid=3; BRN03191)
— Materials Research Database with METADEX (resourceid=260 & 262?; BRN02689)
— Teatro Expanol del Siglo de Oro (resourceid=169; BRN03203)
These databases were cancelled in the summer of 2006. IRDs were deactivated in InfoGate, category assignments were deleted and MySQL tables were updated.
— Book Review Digest (resourceid=25; BRN02654)
— Essay and General Literature Index (resourceid=126; BRN02653)
— FactSearch (resourceid=46; BRN02697)
— Inspec (resourceid=285; BRN03104)
— IRIS (Illinoise Researcher Information Service) (resourceid=87; BRN03239)
— LexisNexis Statistical (resourceid=100; BRN03214)
— OVID Medline (resourceid=241; BRN02589 & BRN02834)
— Newspaper Abstracts (resourceid=29; BRN02871)
These databases have switched provider from SilverPlatter to EBSCO:
— PsycINFO (BRN# changed from BRN02590 to BRN0292; categories & MySQL tables updated)
— GeoRef (BRN# to change 12/31/06 from BRN02522 & BRN03267 to: BRN03006;)
— Biological Abstracts (BRN# to change 12/15/06 from BRN02637 to ?)