Early SP 19 Announcements:

We are Hiring!

We are currently looking to hire creative energetic students in the fields of Virtual Reality, Podcasting, and Large Format Art Printing. To find out more, visit the job posting for Creative Technology Assistant on the Student Employment Website

Labs Open

Our labs will be open January 21st for existing MML users. Please note that we will provide limited services until after shopping period.  If you have already completed orientation or training for the Fine Art Printer, 3D Printer, or Grad Studio, then you can reserve, use, and access those resources normally beginning on January 21st. For information on orientations and trainings, please see below. 

MML orientations

If your new to the MMLs, Orientations to get access to our spaces will begin January 29th. RSVP required: Sign up here . 


All trainings, including 3D Printing, Fine Art Printing, and Grad Studio will begin the week of February 11th. You can sign up via our training page. Please note, sign up may not be available till February 11th.

One-on-one Help

Help Sessions will become available February 11th after our CTA student staff have concluded shopping period. To sign up on or after the 11th, visit the CTA page


Email us at MML@Brown.edu.

How do I get access?

The Grad Center Multimedia Lab is open to all Brown faculty, students and staff. List Art Center Multimedia Lab and Granoff Center Multimedia Lab are available via card access after a brief orientation. Find out how you can get access

How do I use the Fine Art printer?

The Granoff Center lab has a high-quality large-format inkjet printer.  You must complete a training workshop (separate from lab orientation) with one of our Creative Technology Assistants before using.  More about printing.

How do I use the 3D printers?

The Granoff and List labs have several 3D printers available.  You must complete a training workshop (separate from lab orientation) with one of our Creative Technology Assistants before using. More about 3D printing.

How do I use the Grad Center Studio?

The Grad Center lab has an adjacent Video Studio available for reservation 24-hours a day, 7 days a week after a short training workshop (separate from lab orientation) with our Creative Technology Assistants. Contact mml@brown.edu to schedule an appointment.  More about the studio.

How can I get help with…?

The Multimedia Labs have a staff of Creative Technology Assistants with expertise in a variety of areas. More about the CTAs