Summer Hours

Want to Work at the Multimedia Labs?

We are looking for creative, energetic students with backgrounds in video, animation, audio, podcasting, 3D printing, fine art printing, and/or virtual reality to join our student staff team as a Creative Technology Assistant. You will use your skills and talents to assist us in running trainings, developing workshops, and working one-on-one with other students to help them realize their creative projects. For more information, find our job posting on the Brown Student Employment Site. 

What is different this summer?

Glad you asked. While we will be open, our offerings for workshops, training, and support will be scaled back compared to the rest school year. If you already have access to the Mutimedia Labs then you are free to use the facilities as you have been, however, please be aware that certain locations like Granoff and List will be subject to changes of the overall building hours for the summer. Grand Center will still be open 24/7 via your Brown ID card. If you are new to the MMLs please see the corresponding section below

For specific equipment such as the 3D printer and fine art printer, we will be offering limited training sessions between June 18th and  August 24th. See the training and help section below for more information


Lastly, the MMLs are often the home of many different summer courses. Below you will find calendars for the spaces. Please plan your work time accordingly so as to not disturb a class while ensuring you have ample time for your own projects.

For any specific questions, please email us at

Green = List   |   Red = Granoff   |  Blue = Grad Center

New to MML?

Thats great! We are excited you want to use our space over the summer. The first step is to signup for one of our MML Orientations. This is an in-person 15-20 min orientation to our spaces. Once completed, you will have swipe access to all of our spaces and you can then take additional training for some of our special equipment like 3D printers or our Fine Art Printer.  Please make sure that you fill out this form prior to attending an orientation. During the summer, you must also RSVP to an orientation session. We will be offering orientations between June 18th and August 24th during the following days and times:

Tuesdays 12 noon, Grad Center MML, RSVP Here

Thursdays 3:30pm, Granoff, N320, RSVP Here

Training and Help Sessions!

During the summer, we will continue to offer limited training on our equipment as well as project consultation hours known as “help” sessions.  You must have completed orientation prior to taking any training. Take a look below and see which training or help session is right for you. You must RSVP for Help Sessions during the summer. If you aren’t finding something that fits, reach out to us at and we will do our best to find a way to support your creative projects.

3D Printer Training:  Learn how to use our 3D printers in Granoff in this 1-hour session!

Wednesdays  1pm, Granoff, N320 RSVP Here.

Grad Center Studio Training: Learn how to use our all-in-one, self-service video studio! For more information about the studio click here.

Tuesdays 12:30pm, Grad Center MML, RSVP Here