MML Semester Start

Welcome back! 😎

Here are few guidelines and dates to consider as you start your semester.

ACCESS ORIENTATIONS, NEW Online Format BEGINS: January 27th!


New Announcements

New 3D Printers + Process

The MMLs have upgraded their printers to the latest Prusa models, which are faster, quieter, and can render more detail. We have been testing them all break and the results are amazing! We have also adopted Makerfleet a cloud-based 3D printing service which will change the way we send models to the printer to be more efficient and automated, meaning no more reservations! You will simply be able to send your models to the printing queue and they will automatically start printing as soon as the printers have finished the prints before yours. All new users will be trained on this new system via our Intro to 3D Printing Training.  For previously trained users, we have a special, shorter, training to get you onto the new system called 3D Printer Retraining. Both trainings will be available via our website after shopping period. Previously trained users will be able to use our Taz 6 printer as usual until spring break, after which time you will have to take the retraining to continue to use our 3D printing services.  

New Sheet Feeder Printer

While we love our Large Format printer, we couldn’t help but notice that many of our users also want to print traditional sizes like 8×10, or 11×14. So we got a more traditional sheet feeder printer from Epson, the P600! It can produce professional-quality prints as small as 4×6 and as large as 13 x 19! Also, this smaller printer will not require any training, so even new users will be able to print high-quality photos. With so many different paper sizes and types,  the MMLs have decided it would be best if users bring their own paper. We recommend using Epson, Canson (which can be purchased locally at the RISD store) or Inkpress (a very affordable brand on Amazon) papers as we will have popular color profiles for each brand already loaded into our computers. Use of handmade or speciality papers is not allowed.  Because you are providing your own paper, we are making this printer extremely affordable to use, charging only $1.75 a square foot! This means you can print a 13×19 for just $3 or a 4×6 for $0.30 using professional, high-quality inks! Because it is so affordable to use, we will not be providing a stipend as we do with our Large Format PrinterUse of the printer will be charged via your myprint account, and you can add funds using Bear Bucks. 

New VR Development Station

Following the success of our Mobile VR Cart and VR Pop-Up Studio, the MMLs have added a  VR Development Station in the Granoff MML, complete with an Oculus Rift S. We will have things like the Oculus Store, STEAM, and Unity on the station. To find out how to access this for yourself, email us at, and we will get you in touch with one of our VR CTAs. 

The Rototrimmer is Back!

As many of you know, our Rototrimmer was damaged last semester when a user tried to cut heavy cardboard. We were able to replace it and it now has a new permanent home under our cabinets. The Rototrimmer is only to be used with photo and regular papers, not with cardboard, foamcore, sintra or any other thick materials. 

Old Announcements


The MMLs have migrated over to the campus-wide MyPrint system which will now allow students to add funds via Bear Bucks for extended printing! Students will still get a one-time stipend of $75 when they complete their training, but can now print as long as there is money in their account! This will give new users the opportunity to try out the printer at no cost to them, but allow power users to utilize it more than they have been able to in the past. At $15 a linear foot (12×44) we are likely still the least expensive option for Brown Students in on or off campus. Existing users will get a $75 credit into their papercut accounts for this semester only. New users will receive their stipend once they have been trained. Furthermore, we hope to roll out a 13×19 photo printer which will be even less expensive in the Spring Semester. We believe this is the best option for our community based on the feedback you have given us in the past few semesters, so thank you for making your voices heard! We are listening.