Vocal Recording Workshop with Justin Ortiz


 Thursday, March 5th and March 12th


 6:00pm – 7:30pm EST


 Grad Center Multimedia Lab

About the Workshop


Take your vocals from bedroom closet level to professional studio quality with this two-session intensive workshop on vocal production for music and podcasts. We will cover the basics of recording techniques, vocal editing, and mixing and mastering in the Logic DAW to get you sounding like T-Pain or Mariah – or whatever style tickles your fancy! THIS IS A TWO PART WORKSHOP SERIES. You can sign up for both workshops via events.brown.edu

About the Instructor

Justin Ortiz is a senior at Brown University studying Modern Culture and Media and Visual Arts. As a Creative Technology Assistant at the Multimedia Labs, he specializes in electronic music. Justin is proficient in most DAWs, as well as analog production and generative audio/video production in Max MSP.