Sony AX53 Camcorder: Our Best in Image Stabilization + Action Video

The Sony AX53 is a semi-professional video camera. On a tripod, it can take stunning 4K video for the highest resolution. It also has incredible in-body camera stabilization that can make high action scenes where either your subject or camera person is moving look buttery smooth. However, that stabilization mode is only effective in HD. The camera will take about 60 mins of continuous footage and has some great advanced features. While the camera does allow for some useful manual controls, this camera also is great for point and click shooting. This camera kit also comes with an external microphone and on camera light for great audio recording and recording in low light situations.

Handycam® | Balanced Optical SteadyShot™for shake-free videos

Never miss a single chapter of your story with Handycam’s eight unique features.4K High Quality, Balanced Optical SteadyShot™, up to 30x Optical Zoom, Wide A…

Example of Sony’s Balanced Image Stabilization

Getting Started

ITSC Get Started Guide

Sony a6300 Tutorial

Sony AX53 Camera Tutorial

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Audio Kit Tutorial

Camera Kit Audio Tutorial

This tutorial is for the microphone attachment included in both the AX53 and the a6300 kits. We will walk you through attaching the microphone to the camera …

Lighting Kit Tutorial

Camera Kit Lighting Tutorial

This tutorial is for the light attachment included in both the AX53 and the a6300 kits. We will walk you through setting up the LED light that is included in…

External Resources

Best Settings for 4K Video

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Using Manual Settings

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Manual settings discussion begins at 4:56

Advanced Audio Settings for the AX53

Best Audio Settings – Sony FDR-AX53

A look at using an external mic on the Sony FDR-AX53 and optimal settings to avoid unwanted hiss and noise. This includes a full demonstration of the problem…

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Connecting your phone to the AX53

WiFi Setup & Demo for Sony FDR-AX33 4K Camcorder

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