Sony A6300

Sony a6300: Our Photo/Video Hybrid with Great Low Light Performance

The Sony a6300 is a high-end hybrid Photo/Video camera. Known as a mirrorless camera, it is much smaller than bigger SLR cameras with similar quality. This camera excels at shooting in low-light situations and great at taking action photos, but there are better options for action video like the AX53. The quality of the video is very good in 4K but excellent in HD which is appropriate in most situations. Please note that this camera can take about 12 mins of continuous video, perfect for short clips and documentation, but not so much for things like lectures and performances. The a6300 does well as a point-n-shoot camera with intelligent auto, but it really shines in the hands of an experienced photo/videographer while in full manual mode. This camera kit also comes with an external microphone and on-camera light for great audio recording and recording in very low light situations.

Ultimate resolution 4K movie in Super 35mm | Alpha 6300 | Sony | α

The α6300 is capable of high-resolution 4K movies of wide dynamic range in the Super 35mm format favored among cinema camera users. Full pixel readout withou…

Promo video showing off 4K capabilities

Getting Started

ITSC Get Started Guide

Sony a6300 Tutorial

Sony a6300 Camera Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through all of the essential steps for setting up your camera, including:1. Inserting and removing the battery and memory cards2….

Audio Kit Tutorial

Camera Kit Audio Tutorial

This tutorial is for the microphone attachment included in both the AX53 and the a6300 kits. We will walk you through attaching the microphone to the camera …

Lighting Kit Tutorial

Camera Kit Lighting Tutorial

This tutorial is for the light attachment included in both the AX53 and the a6300 kits. We will walk you through setting up the LED light that is included in…


set of features for the camera

External Resources

Button Layout and Understanding Focus Modes

Sony A6300 / A6500 Tutorial Training – Part 1 – External Buttons Overview

In this video Michael gives us a quick, to-the-point tutorial overview of the Sony A6300’s buttons and ports. It is just one of many excellent lessons from h…

In-depth Tutorial with Table of Contents

Sony a6300 Overview Tutorial

Other cameras covered at & LIKE for more free videos!TABLE OF CONTENTS:0:00 Introduction00:38 What I Don’t Cover00:53 Battery…

This tutorial has a table of contents you can use to skip to relevant sections. See below.

00:38 What I Don’t Cover

00:53 Battery, Memory Card

01:45 SD Cards

02:26 Ports

04:48 Taking a Picture

06:39 Diopter

07:47 Aperture Priority

11:04 Shutter Priority

14:09 Manual Mode

17:09 Bulb Mode

18:49 Shutter Modes

22:42 Bracketing

24:05 Focusing Modes

27:03 Focusing Areas

31:50 Moving the Focus Point

32:20 Smile/Face Detect

34:03 Eye Detect 

35:50 Focus Peaking

37:30 Changing ISO

39:00 Exposure Compensation

40:48 Zebras

42:03 Wi-Fi

46:39 Raw

48:16 Metering Modes

49:06 Flash

50:28 Flash Exposure Compensation

51:15 White Balance

52:36 Video

56:18 Video Modes

56:50 Interval Timer

58:17 Formatting a Memory Card

59:34 Disabling the Beep

Cinematic Settings for Video

Cinematic Settings Sony A6300/A6500

Sony a6300 settings, Sony a6500 settings for a cinematic look. Give your footage a cinematic feel.Instagram: @BCTLD

Connecting to Camera for Remote Control/Viewer

You will need to download the sony play memories app on your own device. The app is available on both IOS and Android.

Overview and Android Specific

Sony A6000 and A6300 SmartPhone Connect

Connect the Sony A6000 or A6300 Camera to Smartphone using the Smart Remote Control App and Sony Playmemories Mobile App in order to use the phone as a remot…

IOS Specific Video

How to Connect your Sony A6300 to your Smart Phone

This video is about How to Connect your Sony A6300 to you Smart PhoneFEATURED GEAR:CAMERA:SONY A6300…

Transfer Images from Camera to Smartphone (android + iphone)

Please note that you will you can only transfer .jpg photos and .mp4 videos onto your phone. If you try to transfer a RAW photo, it will transfer a very low quality .jpg. Also while this video shows a different sony camera, the process is the same for the Sony a6300.

How to transfer photos with PlayMemories Mobile

Find out more about the PlayMemories Mobile app from Sony: the app to…