“You Are Welcome Here” Campaign

Our “You Are Welcome Here” campaign asks members of the Brown community to publicly display their commitment to the following principles:

  • I support a culture at Brown in which LGBTQ students’ identities are respected and valued.
  • I advocate for the inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ people, whose presence and contributions enrich STEM fields and the campus community.
  • I commit to using inclusive language, confronting discrimination, and engaging thoughtfully when concerns are raised by my LGBTQ friends, students, peers, and mentors.

Speaker Series

  • We believe that the presence of visible role models and peers helps to achieveĀ our mission of building an LGBTQ community in STEM as well as creating a more inclusive environment at Brown. To that end, we are working to invite speakers who openly identify as a member of the LGBTQ community to discuss their research and identity as well as speakers whose research touches on issues of LGBTQ representation in STEM fields. If you have any recommendations for speakers, please reach out to us at [email protected]!


  • The DiversiTeas Community Series was developed in order to create a space for identity and STEM to coexist and create meaningful interactions between folks from multiple identity groups to come together and support one another professionally, and personally.

Professional Development

  • While navigating career development is challenging for everyone, there are important considerations to make as an LGBTQIA+ person during their evaluation of a workplace and its environment. Geography, anti-discrimination policies, benefits inclusive to LGBTQIA+ individuals such as gender confirmation procedures, parental leave, and more are just a few of the considerations that many people may not be aware of or know how to ask about. As a result, oSTEM is dedicated to creating and advocating for professional development events and resources that touch on these important topics and help students, staff, and faculty learn how to navigate and evaluate workplaces.