You Are Welcome Here Campaign 2018

Full NameEmail AddressPositionAffiliationOffice Location (or Box #)Openly LGBTQ?
Richard Kimberly Heck[email protected]ProfessorPhilosophyCorliss-Brackett 216Yes
David Mayans[email protected]Masters studentComputer scienceBox 3638Yes
yuyang tian[email protected]masterbiotechnology7 W Cushing StYes
Annie Wentz[email protected]doctoral studentEpidemiologyBox G-121-3Yes
William Nardi[email protected]Research AssistanceMindfulness Center at Brown School of Public Health257Yes
Vivian K Lu[email protected]undergrad researcherNeuroscience5556Yes
Tim Harrigan[email protected]StaffBioMed Graduate & Postdoctoral StudiesArnold Lab, 91 Waterman Street, 219Yes
Ashling Neary[email protected]Graduate studentDEEPSIBES 145Yes
Audrey Kintisch[email protected]studentCS departmentBox #8826Yes
Audrey Massmann[email protected]PhD StudentEEBIBES 218 is my office...I wasn't aware I had a mailboxYes
Taneisha Wilson[email protected]FacultyEmergency Medicine55 Claverick St. Room 205Yes
Symone Houston[email protected]undergradcomputer science and economics4478Yes
Babak Hemmatian[email protected]Ph.D. studentCognitive, Linguistic and Psychological SciencesMetcalf 402Yes
Lisa M Callei[email protected]Systems AdministratorBrown Emergency Medicine125 Whipple StYes
Ben Wilks[email protected]Graduate StudentBiomedical EngineeringBMC 373Yes
Brandon Marshall[email protected]Associate ProfessorEpidemiology121 South Main St, Box GS-121-2Yes
CHLOE BURNS[email protected]undergradCognitive Neuroscience3967Yes
Connor Lohman[email protected]Master's StudentBiotechnology Management6018Yes
Sunil Shaw[email protected]FacultyPediatricsKilguss 210, 101 Dudley StreetYes
Dave Blair[email protected]staffDEEPS & Dept. of ChemistryGeoChem 166Yes
David Serpa[email protected]StaffComputer ScienceCIT, 5th floor room 569Yes
Don Operario[email protected]FacultySchool of Public HealthG-S121-3 (School of Public Health, room 343)Yes
Stanley Yip[email protected]StudentConcentration in CSBox 7264Yes
Kelvin Yang[email protected]Undergraduate StudentComputer Science2380Yes
Madeline Montgomery[email protected]Graduate studentDepartment of Behavioral and Social Sciences, School of Public HealthBox G-S121-4Yes
Madeline Pape[email protected]Studentsomething in STEM. Not sure yet#5531Yes
Marc Lo[email protected]Assistant Director for Assessment and EvaluationSheridan Center for Teaching and LearningSciLi 720Yes
Kelsey Schuch[email protected]Graduate studentMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, and BiochemistryBrown Neuroscience Department Office mail boxYes
Karen Fischer[email protected]FacultyEarth, Environmental and Planetary SciencesGeoChem 163Yes
Mark Sweeney[email protected]graduate studentMathematicsKassar 011Yes
Kaileigh Ahlquist[email protected]graduate studentMCB, CCMBCIT 243Yes
Zach Kirschenbaum[email protected]Meta-TACS DepartmentCIT 306Yes
Matthew Mimiaga[email protected]FacultyBehavioral & Social Sciences and Epidemiology121 S. Main Street, 8th FloorYes
Max Lahn[email protected]Undergraduate student, TAMathematicsBrown Mail #5333Yes
Maya Greenhill[email protected]Undergraduate student / EEB DUG leaderEcology and Evolutionary Biology DepartmentBox #3375Yes
Joaquin C. B. Nunez[email protected]Graduate StudentEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBox GYes
Melody Chan[email protected]Assistant ProfessorMathematicsKassar HouseYes
Joanne M. McEvoy[email protected]Staff, Director of MD AdmissionsBioMed128Yes
Jessica Sevetson[email protected]Grad StudentNeuroscienceGL-NYes
Jessica Pontarelli[email protected]StaffPhysicsBarus and Holley Office 414 / Box 1843Yes
Myung Joo Lee[email protected]StudentChemistry5625Yes
Nathaniel Gill[email protected]Center ManagerCenter for Computational Molecular BiologyCIT 2nd Floor/Box 1910Yes
Janet Peters[email protected]staffSheridan Center / Academic Tutoring1912Yes
Kristina Cohen[email protected]postdocMCB & Sheridan CenterSciLi 718Yes
Jaclyn White Hughto[email protected]Faculty InvestigatorDepartments of Epidemiology and Behavioral and Social Sciences; Center for Health Equity Research8th floorYes
Jackson Webster[email protected]UndergraduateApplied Mathematics#2926Yes
Hannah Ingerson Weller[email protected]Graduate studentEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBiomed 426/Box GYes
Rachel Stevenson[email protected]Graduate studentNeuroscienceBox GL-NYes
Ray Windsor[email protected]Grad program coordinatorMolecular Biology, Cell Biology & BiochemistrySidney Frank, 213Yes
Erin Miller[email protected]studentPublic health (AB/MPH)4956Yes
Erin L. Anthony[email protected]Public Health and Research Support LibrarianLibrarianA20, Rokefeller LibraryYes
Richard Huisa[email protected]UndergraduateChemistry, Chemical BiologyBox #6304Yes
Kimberly Neil[email protected]graduate studentEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBioMed 523Yes
Robert J. Rosa[email protected]Senior Library SpecialistUniversity LibraryRick, Rm. 104Yes
Rory[email protected]FacultyEmergency Medicine and PLME91 Waterman Street, Arnold Lab, Room 222-AYes
Erik Simpanen[email protected]Staff/StudentSPH- CAASBox G-S121-5 (121 S. Main Street, 5th floor)Yes
Elizabeth Samuels[email protected]Assistant Professor of Emergency MedicineBrown Emergency Medicine55 Claverick Street, room 205Yes
Douglas Shea[email protected]undergraduatebiochemistryBox #4990Yes
Kimberly Abbott[email protected]Program CoordinatorEEBGB204Yes
Sophie Marsh[email protected]Lab TechNeuroscienceSFH 543Yes
Joshua Lebo[email protected]StudentMathematics, and Computer ScienceBox # 3924Yes
Sharon Swartz[email protected]ProfesorEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBiomed 206 (Office) and 230 (lab)Not LGBTQ, but a supporter!
James W. Head, III[email protected]ProfessorDepartment of Earth, Environmental and Planetary SciencesLincoln Field Building Room 104Not a member but happy to help.
Banu Ozkazanc-Pan[email protected]Visiting Associate Prof. of SociologySociology/ Nelson Center for EntrepreneurshipSayles Hall 015Ano, but happy to be an ally and support all efforts
Thomas Goodwillie[email protected]facultymathematicsKassar 316No
Phoebe Hall[email protected]staffOffice of BioMed Communications26 Ship St. (Box G-P)No
Tarik Aougab[email protected]post-docmathematicsKassar House, Room 116No
Henry Talbott[email protected]UndergraduateMathematics concentratorBox # 5487No
Ilse Jenouri[email protected]FacultyEmergency MedicineThe Miriam HospitalNo
Iris Bahar[email protected]facultyEngineering & CSERC 333No
Peter Murphy[email protected]Manager of Facuty and Administrative SupportEngineeringB&H 216No
Ningli Zhao[email protected]Grad studentDEEPS (geology)GC 036No
Sydney Clark[email protected]grad studentDEEPSGC 145No
James Valles[email protected]facultyphysicsBarus and Holley room 722No
Nikos Tapinos[email protected]FacultyNeurosurgery593 Eddy street, Aldrich Building, Room 401No
Jane McIlmail[email protected]Academic Department ManagerDept of Computer ScienceCIT Rm. 467No
Nikole Bonacorsi[email protected]Grad StudentEEBWalter HallNo
JASJIT AHLUWALIA[email protected]ProfessorSPH - Behavioral and Social SciencesSPH #505No
Alyson J. McGregor[email protected]FacultyEmergency MedicineClaverick Bld, 2nd floorNo
Jennifer Merrill[email protected]facultyBehavioral and Social Sciences121 South Main St, Room 530No
Jennifer Tidey[email protected]facultyBehavioral and Social Sciences121 South Main St room 509No
Jeremy Lins[email protected]StaffNeuroscience474 BGG or (Box GL/N)No
Monica Linden[email protected]facultyNeuroscienceSFH 366 (Box GL-N)No
Michelle Rogers[email protected]staffHassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute121 South Main, Room 439No
Suzanne Colby[email protected]facultyCenter for Alcohol & Addiction Studies121 South Main St. 409No
Barrett Hazeltine[email protected]FacultyEngineering326 Barus & HolleyNo
Jordan Kostiuk[email protected]Post docMathematicsKassar 218No
Suzanne Alden[email protected]Finance and Grants ManagerComputer ScienceCIT 504No
Jose Manuel Conde Alonso[email protected]Post-docMathematics departmentKassar House (151 Thayer St), office 214No
MaryEllen Woycik[email protected]staff - Student Affairs and Program Manager, PhysicsPhysicsBarus & Holley 408No
Mary A Carskadon[email protected]FacultyCLPSBox G-EPB (my lab is on the Butler Hosp. Campus; we do have Brown students)No
Kaitlin Wilcoxen[email protected]graduate studentNeuroscience2 Stimson Ave (Box GL-N)No
Marjorie Bilderback[email protected]StaffIMNI / SRPcubicle in front of BH 243No
Beth Brainerd[email protected]FacultyEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBMC 210No
Kate Carey[email protected]facultyBehavioral and Social Sciences121 South Main St. room 531No
Kate Weinberger[email protected]PostdocEpidemiology121 South Main, Room 225 (this is a shared office with other postdocs)No
Katherine Smith[email protected]FacultyBiology Undergraduate EducationArnold Lab, suite 124No
Kathi Fisler[email protected]FacultyComputer ScienceCIT 309No
Kathy Moyer[email protected]staffAfricana StudiesChurchill House - B005 (lower level)No
Amanda M. Jamieson[email protected]facultyMMIBMC 621No
KC Cushman[email protected]grad studentEcology and Evolutionary BiologyIBES 218No
Kelli Scott[email protected]Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Public Health121 South Main Street, 4th FloorNo
Brandon Johnson[email protected]FacultyDEEPSLincoln Field 303No
Maria Ronchi[email protected]undergraduate studentEngineeringBox #5402No
Lynn Hernandez[email protected]FacultySchool of Public Health, Department of Behavioral and Social SciencesHorace Mann 304, Box 1862No
Kenneth Tenan[email protected]StudentImmunoBiology4070No
Lindsay McCulloch[email protected]Grad studentEEBIBES 302No
Laura Dobler[email protected]StaffComputer ScienceCIT Room 460 (Box 1910)No
Kirsten Rounds[email protected]CAOEmergency Medicine55 Claverick St Rm 276No
Alison DeLong[email protected]facultyMCB (Biology)Box G-LNo
Alexandria Johnson[email protected]Faculty of Research hDEEPSLF 311No
Suzan Gervais[email protected]staffUniv. Library -- CirculationThe Rock -- Box A -- CirculationNo
Brittany Baxter[email protected]Grad StudentCLPSMetcalf 403No
Brooke Osborne[email protected]PhD candidateEcology and Evolutionary BiologyIBES (no number)No
Carlos Aizenman[email protected]FacultyNeuroscienceSFH 465 or Box G-LNNo
Carol Foster[email protected]Financial CoordinatorCAAS121 South Main 5th FL #520-A1No
Caroline Kuo[email protected]facultybehavioral and social sciencesRoom 406, 121 South Main StreetNo
catherine costantino[email protected]staff - Project CoordinatorCAASg-5-121No
Celinda Kofron[email protected]Associate Director of the Center for Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical EngineeringERC 340No
Chantee Weah[email protected]StaffSchool of EngineeringBarus & Holley 241No
Chiraag Nataraj[email protected]PhD StudentEngineering (Solid Mechanics)Box J, 184 Hope St., Providence, RI, 02906No
Susan Vieira[email protected]StaffOIEDHorace Mann 301No
Jordan White[email protected]Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at AMSAMS/Family Medicine222 Richmond Street (AMS), 2nd floorNo
Christian Huber[email protected]facultyEarth and Environmental and Planetary SciencesGC 167No
Christine Geib-Ayala[email protected]StaffCenter for Gerontology & Health Care Research6th Fl Reception AreaNo
Christopher Kahler[email protected]FacultyDepartment of Behavioral and Social Sciences121 South Main Street, 4th floorNo
Andrea L Capotosto[email protected]staffSchool of EngineeringBarus & Holly #314No
Anne Kerkian[email protected]StaffSheridan Center for Teaching & LearningSciences Library 508No
Crystal Miller[email protected]Administrative CoordinatorBioMed MPPBBioMed Center 304No
Daniel Harris[email protected]FacultyEngineeringBarus and Holley 439No
Daniel Ritchie[email protected]FacultyComputer ScienceCIT 445No
Daniel Spade[email protected]faculty (assistant professor)Pathology and Laboratory Medicine506 LMM (70 Ship St.), Box G-E5No
Annie Gjelsvik[email protected]Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology & MPH Program121 S. Main Street, Room 433No
Stephon Alexander[email protected]FacultyPhysics, and Presidential Scholars ProgramB&H 551No
STEPHEN GATESY[email protected]facultyEcology and Evolutionary BiologyBMC 209 Box G-B209No
David Morgan[email protected]Graduate StudentEEBWH 108No
Stephen Bach[email protected]Asst. Prof.Computer scienceCIT 335No
Debbie Brown[email protected]Staff: PRIME CoordinatorSoEPrince Lab #310No
Allison M Walsh[email protected]staffEngineeringBH - 3rd floorNo
Diane Hoffman-Kim[email protected]FacultyMPPBBiomedical Center 387No
Stefanie Tellex[email protected]FacultyComputer ScienceCIT 375No
Sara Gramley[email protected]StaffSheridan Center for Teaching and LearningSciences Library, 504No
Samantha St.Onge[email protected]Administrative Coordinator-MCBMCBSFH-206DNo
Ellen McCreedy, PhD[email protected]Assistant ProfessorCenter for Gerontology and Healthcare Research646No
Elska Kaczmarek[email protected]Grad student (phd)Ecology and evolutionary biologyBMC Box GNo
Emily First[email protected]post-docDEEPSGeochem 044No
Ashleigh LoVette[email protected]Doctoral CandidateBehavioral and Social SciencesGS-121-3No
Rosanna Wertheimer[email protected]staffApplied MathRoom 113, 182 George Street, Box FNo
Thomas Roberts[email protected]facultyEEBBMC 205No
Erin Fischer[email protected]staffResidential LifeBox #1864No
Rebecca Kartzinel[email protected]facultyecology & evolutionary biologyWalter HallNo
Rebecca Burwell[email protected]FacultyCLPS337 MetcalfNo
Evan McDonough[email protected]post-docPhysicsBarus and Holley, room 647No
Filomena Zani[email protected]Operations ManagerAlpert Medical School, Admissions Office222 Richmond St. Rm 124, Box G-M124No
Frank M. Pari[email protected]Systems AdminComputer ScienceCIT Rm 575I'm open to being contacted about potential involvement with the group, but I'm not a member of the LGBTQ community.
Erika L. Sevetson[email protected]Head of Health & Science Information Services and Medical LibrarianBrown University Library / Alpert Medical SchoolRockefeller Library, A42I'm not LGBTQ but am an ally.
Emma K Creegan[email protected]Master of Public Health studentSchool of Public HealthMailbox located in SPH--unsure of box #I'm an ally
Katie Biello[email protected]FacultyBSS812 (i think!)I'm an ally
Michelle L. Monti[email protected]StaffCareerLAB167 Angell Street, Room 303I would be thrilled to support oSTEM activities.
Bjorn Sandstede[email protected]facultyApplied MathematicsRoom 212, 170 Hope StreetI identify as heterosexual -- if I can help oSTEM in any way, please let me know
Willis Bilderback[email protected]StaffPhysics, Institute for Brain and Neural Systems, and Presidential Scholars ProgramB&H 714I am not LGBTQ, but happy to be an ally in any way I can.
Jennifer Casasanto[email protected]Associate DeanSchool of EngineeringDI am an ally & already involved in this amazing group!
Karen Haberstroh[email protected]LecturerEngineering200 Dyer St
Hector Correa[email protected]staffLibrarySciences Library 14th floor
Kelsey Sawyer[email protected]Librarian (Biomed liaison)Brown University LibraryRock A20
Amy Stewart Nunn[email protected]FacultySPH department of behavioral and social sciencesSPH suite 810
Medeva Ghee[email protected]faculty, administratorBehavioral and Social Sciences; Leadership Alliance133 Waterman St
Diana Perkins[email protected]undergraduate studentMechanical Engineering and Independent Concentration5161
Daniel Weinreich[email protected]ProfessorDepartment of Ecology and Evolutionary, and also Center for Computational Molecular Biology301 Walter Hall
Susan Short[email protected]facultyPopulation Studies and Training Center112 Mencoff Hall
Christopher Schmid[email protected]ProfessorBiostatistics121 South Main Room 718
christian arbelaez[email protected]vice chair academic affairsemergency medicine55 claverick st room 201
Zoila Quezada[email protected]Assistant DirectorOffice of Diversity and Multicultural AffairsBox G-M241
Bailey McLaughlin[email protected]StaffIBES/EEBIBES
Jae-Young Son[email protected]grad studentCLPSMetcalf 325
As part of our "You Are Welcome Here" campaign in 2018 we asked everyone who committed to the campaign if we could post their information online to provide an easily accessible resource for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff to identify other members of the LGBTQ community and allies in STEM fields at Brown.