Embedding Prezi

Brown’s Instructional Technology Group reached out with a faculty request for embedding web presentations in the Prezi format into their blog. We found a plugin, tested it and it works.

Here is a sample:

Embedding a Prezi is somewhat technical but is fairly well described on the plugin website. One thing to note: the plugin is already uploaded, so step 1 is unnecessary.

New Theme for Brown Blogs: Twenty Fourteen

I just finished switching the blogs.brown.edu theme to twenty fourteen after confirming that the Kodiak theme did not support visitor comments. This theme has a lot of nice features and looks clean. One downside is that it doesn’t look like Brown University.

UPDATE: The Twenty Fourteen theme has a lot of customizations available within the theme and after choosing a nice campus green image for the header, it is looking quite a bit more like Brown.

New plugin: wti-like-post

I received this request:

“A faculty member would like her students to be able to indicate which thing posted by other students are the most interesting — so something like being able to vote on or ‘like’ posts.”

and installed wti-like-post. Enjoy. -Tim

4/21/2014 UPDATE: The plugin did not work as expected and has been uninstalled. The wordpress plugin repository has thousands of plugins and some of them don’t work as described so this is not a surprising result.


Lots of updates

blogs.brown.edu got a big upgrade this week. The core and all themes and plugins were upgraded to the latest version. This included upgrading the following


twentyten, twentyeleven, titan, tarski, p2, hemingway, duotone, chaostheory


akismet, jetpack, exploit-scanner, addthis, feedwordpress, polldaddy, popularity-contest, pushpress, subscribe2, syntaxhighlighter, twitter-tools, wordpress-importer, wp-memory-usage, wp-recaptcha, wp-system-health, wptouch

Cheers, Tim