We are so excited to launch the OPENPediatrics Critical Care Curriculum! The OPENPediatrics platform will have two purposes.
  1. The Guided Learning Pathway is designed to teach you the bread and butter of critical care.
  2.  The second component is a Group page that will have additional educational material outside the OPENPediatrics curriculum. We will invite each resident to the group page. We encourage residents to send any interesting data or learning material to us. We will review the material with the critical care team and then uploaded onto the group page.

How to gain accesses to the material:

  1. Go to https://www.openpediatrics.org
  2. Create a username and password. Please create a username with the email the residency uses. We will be searching for your email when designing the group page.
  3.  Click the learning tab
  4. Click Guided Learning Pathways
  5. Click on Brown Pediatric Critical Care Resident Curriculum
  6. Enroll!
Our goal is asynchronous learning that provides a solid foundation for clinical management of patients.  As such, the material can be approached in a nonlinear fashion.