A Note From the Dean

As the Summer@Brown crew prepares to welcome several hundreds of students from across the U.S. and 70 countries around the world, I am looking at all the terrific courses we offer this summer. I wish I could take them all myself!

There is just so much great stuff to learn, to think about, and to talk about: STEM courses (103 of them), courses in the Social Sciences (124) and in the Humanities (101) – and many courses in two or three of these at the same time.

Beyond the number and variety of courses we offer, what makes Summer@Brown unique are the ways our instructors put together their courses. Some are straight ahead deep-dives in core areas of undergraduate study, others turn things sideways to get a better look. Here are some examples of what I mean:

• a neuroscience course on decision-making taught by a philosopher
• an anthropology course on global health
• a media studies course on humanitarian crises
• an archaeology course that’s sort of an engineering course
• a history course that looks not at what happened, but at what resisted the changes that happened
• and much more.

I encourage you to explore our catalog and see what you stumble upon. Whether you are inclined to look straight ahead or sideways, I think you will wish you could take a bunch of them, too — and be with others who wish the same.

I hope you will explore the opportunities that Summer@Brown offers to high school students the world over, and that you will join us for a learning adventure that, in the words of many former students, will make this summer your “best summer ever.”

James Chansky, PhD

Assistant Dean
Brown University Pre-College Programs

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