Don’t Forget These 11 Items When You Come to Campus This Summer

Aside from the obvious (clothes, toiletries, and towels), you might be wondering what else you will need to bring to campus for your Brown Pre-College Program. To make the packing process a bit smoother, here’s a list of the necessary, but easy-to-forget items you’ll want to make sure are in your suitcase before you head to College Hill this summer.

1. Walking shoes

From making your way to class every day, to navigating Campus, Providence and beyond, you will be walking A LOT this summer. Make sure you have shoes that can get you from point A to point B in comfort.

2. Alarm clock

Part of the college experience is making sure you’re up in time for class. So whether you use the app on your phone or a table-top version, an alarm clock will ensure you’re starting your day on the right foot, especially if you have an early class.

3. Rain gear

New England weather is notoriously unpredictable, so an umbrella and raincoat with hood are good options to stay dry should a rain shower roll in while you’re on your way to or from class.

4. Fan

Brown Student Agencies will have a limited number of fans available for rent, but if you want to be guaranteed one, it’s best to bring your own.

5. Reusable water bottle

An average summer day in Rhode Island is 80 degrees and mostly sunny. Bring along a water bottle to stay hydrated as you make your way around campus. Brown has several water stations, including in the Campus Center, so you can refill on the go.

6. Extra-long twin-sized bedding

Don’t short-sheet yourself; be sure to pack the right size bedding for your residence hall stay. The plus side is that you’ll already be that much more prepared when it comes time for college.

7. One dress-up outfit

While casual clothing will do for most events you will attend this summer, it doesn’t hurt to have one slightly nicer outfit on hand just in case the need arises.

8. Clothes hangers

Residence halls aren’t equipped with hangers so you will want to bring some along if you’re planning on hanging up any clothes.

9. Bathing suit

With more than 400 miles of coastline in Rhode Island, it’s highly likely you’ll find yourself near a body of water at some point during your Pre-College session. If sand and surf is on your must-see list, check out the calendar section of the Guidebook app to see when scheduled trips to beaches around the state are taking place.

10. Desk lamp

Whether you are a night owl who wants to stay up and study without disturbing your roommate or you just prefer an alternative to overhead lighting, a desk lamp can be a handy addition to your residence hall room.  

11. Flash drive

While you don’t need to bring a laptop or tablet to Brown Pre-College Programs, a flash drive will come in handy for saving and printing documents when you’re working on computers around campus.

A Few More Packing Tips to Keep in Mind

• Certain programs or courses may require specific items. For example, if you’ll be spending time in a lab, be sure to pack closed-toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Any specific clothing or equipment requirements will be outlined in your program’s Accepted Student Handbook and other information you receive prior to arrival.

• Information about the rental of fans, refrigerators, microwaves, linens, and laundry services can be found on the Brown Student Agencies website.

• You may NOT bring pets, cooking devices, air conditioners, or motor vehicles (except commuter students) to campus.

• For a complete packing list, check out your program’s For Accepted Students Handbook.

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