“Ask me about…”

Feel free to ask current members about their animal experience/interests!

Hear from past members! ~~~~~~~~~~~

Miranda Norlin ’17

    • Goats (raised two kids and trained them to be working goats)
    • I work in the Robert’s lab with turkey muscles.
  • I’ve worked for a number of years as a vet tech (fill in for people when I go home and over the summer) in a mixed clinic.

Zelda Blowers ’17

    • For my UTRA project this summer I helped collect data on a maternity colony of Mexican free-tailed bats in New Mexico and found an efficient system to count the 1.5-2 million individuals emerging each night!
    • I also work in Jim Simmons’ bat lab and help train large brown bats
    • I’m interested in the relationship between humans, animals (both wild and domestic) and the environment
  • I’ve shadowed my local vet during breaks and I plan on getting more involved with a wildlife/exotic vet or pre-vet internship this summer

Trang Le ’18

    • I participated in the Adventures in Veterinary Medicine at Tufts Cummings School of Vet Medicine, feel free to ask about the application process and the details of the program!
    • I am also working in the Roberts’ Lab with turkey muscles.
    • I volunteered at the Providence Animal Rescue League (PARL) all last year. I can’t do it this semester because I’m so busy but I’m hoping to get back into it next semester.
    • I work at the Wheeler School teaching Marine Biology in the fall and Animal Behavior in the spring.
    • I work in the Animal Care Facility with Jackie and Colette (but there’s not much interaction with animals unfortunately).
  • Over the summer,
      • I volunteered at my local zoo; I worked with farm animals (goats, sheep, chickens, etc.), camels, emu, deer, turkeys, reptiles, and many more.
      • I volunteer at my local animal shelter back home. I also interned under the vet techs there as well. I know a decent amount about shelter medicine if that’s something that interests anyone.
      • I work at a local Pet Supplies Plus chain, where I work with small animals (guineas, hamsters, rats, ferrets, etc.), reptiles (skinks, snakes, lizards, etc.), birds, and fish.
    • I plan on working at each of these places over the winter break as well.

Celia Megdal ’15

 Hey guys! I would love to talk to any of you about these things!

    • I spent a summer working in South Africa at a rehabilitation center for orphaned Chacma Baboons. Worked and lived in the South African bush at the Centre For Animal Rehabilitation and Education (which is an absolutely amazing organization).
    • I now work in the Simmon’s Bat Lab and train Big Brown Bats everyday.
    • I spent two summers interning at at small wildlife center near my house working with over 60 different species! (The Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California)
  • I spent last summer externing at my local small animal Veterinarian in Los Angeles, California. (VCA McClave Animal hospital)

Mary Doerr ’15

Ask me about:

  • cats
  • the importance of good mentoring
  • ADHD
  • recovering from academic imperfection
  • MSU (or michigan in general)
  • ~~ oncology ~~  (probably the single thing here I know most about)
  • zoos and zoo medicine
  • being a vet tech
  • working in a corporate small-animal/exotic veterinary hospital (VCA)
  • why scrubs should be socially acceptable everyday attire