Episode 08: Rica Maestas and Julia Renaud on moonhaus


What is moonhaus? Find out in our conversation with Rica Maestas and Julia Renaud, the hosts behind a recent installation and event series that invited attendees to explore ideas of astrology and witch culture. Rica and Julia talk about what moonhaus borrows from theater and installation art, what kind of work goes into creating meaningful interactions and adopting feminist methodologies when designing events, and what astrology might teach us in the twenty-first century.

This episode is part of our series on the creators behind Gallery Lab, an exciting collection of pop-up exhibitions, performances, and other programming hosted by the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage (Brown University).

Rica Maestas

Rica Maestas is po-mo burqueña, artist, author, and host / curator with a soft spot for dogs and inappropriately placed religious iconography. She is currently finishing her MA in Public Humanities, working at the David Winton Bell Gallery, and ruminating on art museum gift shops.

Julia Renaud

Julia Renaud is a Masters student in Brown’s Public Humanities program and co-host / curator of moonhaus. With a background in American history, theater, and archival work, Julia is deeply interested in practices of centering culturally marginalized narratives in ways that engage with and create inclusive communities. She would also like to learn more about past life regressions.

moonhaus would like to thank the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage and the Brown Arts Initiative for their generous support.

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Show Notes

Cafe Astrology

Chani Nicholas

Horoscopes by The Astrotwins

The music on this episode is excerpted from the song “New Day” by Lee Rosevere (licensed via Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International).

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