Episode 12: Liza Yeager, Amelia Golcheski, and Jim McGrath on Podcasts (Season Finale!)

Liza Yeager
Liza Yeager

What’s it like to work on a podcasts? Why are podcasts so popular in the twenty-first century? We talk about this stuff and more in the season finale of Public Work! This week’s episode begins with a conversation between Amelia and Jim on the secret origins of Public Work, the ubiquity of podcasts, and what they’ve learned from working on this project. Then Jim talks to Liza Yeager, an audio producer and storyteller (and a Brown University alum!) who has worked on a range of podcasts, radio programs, and other cool projects. Liza talks about what led her to co-found Now Here This (a student-led audio storytelling project) at Brown, tells us what she’s learned about radio and podcasts from her work with NPR’s Story Lab, Jacobin’s The Dig podcast, and other projects, and describes what she cares about when producing, telling, and hearing audio-centric forms of storytelling.

Public Work is produced and hosted by Amelia Golcheski and Jim McGrath This is the last episode of Public Work with this team, as Amelia has recently graduated. Congrats Amelia! Stay tuned to @PublicWorkPod and @publichumans on Twitter to learn what podcast projects are on the horizon at Brown’s Center for Public Humanities!

Liza Yeager is an audio producer mostly based in Providence, RI. She has worked on a range of podcast, radio, and audio storytelling projects, including NPR’s Story Lab (where she was their first intern), Jacobin Magazine’s The Dig podcast, and State of Wonder, an arts and culture show with Oregon Public Broadcasting. As an undergraduate at Brown, she was a co-founder of Now Here This, a platform for student-produced audio stories. You can learn more about Liza at her web site.

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The music on this episode is excerpted from the song “New Day” by Lee Rosevere (licensed via Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International).

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