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Press coverage for Kalisher et al. 2023
“Cranial trephination and infectious disease in the Eastern Mediterranean: The evidence from two elite brothers from Late Bronze Megiddo, Israel

1) NPR All Things Considered “Clues to Bronze Age cranial surgery revealed in ancient bones” (2023)

2) CNN “An elite Bronze Age man had brain surgery more than 3,000 years ago” (2023)

3) Smithsonian “This Man Underwent Brain Surgery 3,500 Years Ago” (2023)

4) Live Science “3,400 years ago, ‘brain surgery’ left man with square hole in his skull, ancient bones suggest” (2023)

5) Newsweek “Grave of Elite Bronze Age Brothers With Mystery Disease Discovered” (2023)

6) Gizmodo “Bronze Age Brain Surgery: 3,500-Year-Old Skull Found With Square-Inch Hole” (2023)

7) Haaretz “Canaanites Performed Primitive Brain Surgery 3,500 Years Ago in Northern Israel” (2018)

8) Science “In the Biblical City of Armageddon, Signs of Early Vanilla and Elaborate Medical Care” (2018)

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