Online Resources for Osteology & Archaeology

These are some of the free, online, open-access resources that I frequently use.

Human Evolution

Paleoanthropology | Sketchfab Collection organized by Fernanda Oliveira

Hominin Crania | Smithsonian Institution

Modern Human Anatomy

Modern Human 3D Models | University of Dundee

Pathological Human 3D Models | National Museum of Health and Medicine, Virtual Curation Lab

Bone Modeling & Remodeling YouTube Video | Amgen

Tooth Development Crown Formation YouTube Video | UnivNantes


Different Dating Methods in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology | Smithsonian Institution

3D Models of Archaeological Sites in Israel | The Jezreel Valley Regional Project

ASOR Educational Resources | ASOR Team

Open Science Initiatives

IsoArch Collaborative Isotopic Data Sharing

Levantine Ceramics Project

Ancient mtDNA Database

K-12 Teaching Resources

Adventures in Archaeological Science Coloring Book | Christina Warinner

Anthropology Illustrated

An Educator’s Handbook for Teaching about the Ancient World | Edited by Pinar Durgun, Archaeopress

Gender Stereotypes in Archaeology | Edited by Laura Coltofean-Arizancu, Bisserka Gaydarska & Uroš Matić, Sidestone Press