Research Streams

Image from Gadot & Yasur-Landau 2006.

I. Archaeological Notions of Kinship

  • How did past people conceptualize the family?
  • Which family members cohabitated?
  • How can ancient DNA be used to reconstruct familial lineages? How can it not?
  • How old were the most senior family members?
    • How long was a generation?
  • For how long did children in the past breastfeed?
    • Were breastfeeding and weaning meaningful to one’s kinship status?

Image from Gadot & Yasur-Landau 2006.

This is the topic of my dissertation. Articles that result from this work will be linked here when available.

II. Stress, Disease, and Care in Antiquity

  • How was individual illness conceptualized by the broader community?
  • What responses were employed to address illness?
  • Who could access this care?

Cranium photo is Jericho G88, from Oakley et al. 1959.

Kalisher et al. 2023. Cranial trephination and infectious disease in the Eastern Mediterranean: The evidence from two elite brothers from Late Bronze Megiddo, Israel. PLOS One 18(2): e0281020

III. Reproductive Histology

  • How do pregnancy, parturition, and lactation change hard tissue microstructure?
  • Can we observe these microstructural changes in archaeological bone to understand reproductive status?

Image of female nonhuman primate vertebra taken on SEM.