Rooted Radio 002

By: Jennifer Katz, Senior studying Science, Technology, Society and the Gender, Health, & Wellness Coordinator at the Sarah Doyle Center

These mornings I let my alarm go off six or seven times, the end of each snooze interval repeatedly jolting me awake. I am desperate to savor the warm embrace of being perfectly bundled in my blue toile-patterned covers. More than usual, it’s been difficult to convince myself that it’s worthwhile to face the chill outside of my bed,  especially when “outside” is restricted to the few rooms in my home.

While April has been devastated by the damage of this grand flood, from my window I can see evidence that spring is here and the warm days of May are on the horizon. The cherry blossoms are shedding pastel pink flowers, softly gracing the earth’s floor. The hydrangeas in my backyard are just beginning to bloom, painting a blur of amethyst along the lining of my cracked wooden fence. A green-eyed cat with light gray fur gracefully glides behind the room that I have now designated as my office, pausing to meow for food through the glass. Since I’ve last been home, my parents have installed two more bird feeders, incorporating into my every day a rainbow of colorful birds like Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays, as well as their songs, whistles, and chirps.

Rooted Radio 002 is for daydreaming about the future, reflecting on the past, and celebrating renewal. 

2 thoughts on “Rooted Radio 002

  1. Sarah Vitale

    I want to thank you. I’ve spent my morning reading these blogs (one that brought me to tears) and listening to expertly curated playlists. Thank you! Your efforts make a difference. They certainly did for me this morning. What amazing grace our students are showing during these difficult times. Some creating art, some making music, some writing to offer inspiration and understanding….all magically healing and much needed in these times of sorrow. Then there are others practicing medicine, some using science and high tech to find ways to help protect our communities. I couldn’t possibly be more proud of every single one of you.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    1. Jennifer Katz

      Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. We are so happy to hear that our efforts from the SDC are making a difference in your life. It gives me so much joy that you have enjoyed listening to my playlists and reading through our blog posts. I feel so touched by your kind words and hope that the blog continues to be healing for you during these trying times.

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