Image of the Sarah Doyle Center crossword puzzle.

Sarah Doyle Center Crossword Puzzle Challenge

By: Jennifer Katz ’20 and Katherine Sang ’21, Student Coordinators at the Sarah Doyle Center

Complete our SDC themed crossword puzzle for a chance to win this year’s Women’s History Month tote bag! Hint: Take a look at our SDC website for clues! Click here to download a pdf version of the crossword puzzle.

Please either attach an image of your completed puzzle or list all 21 words at this google form:

The winners will be the first two people to submit all 21 correct word selections. Keep an eye out for an announcement on this blog post with the names of the two winners. Good luck 🙂

UPDATE 5.12.20: Congratulations to Melinda Li and Cristina Taylor, who were the first 2 people who correctly solved the puzzle! The answer key to the puzzle will be made available on May 18th.

UPDATE 5.19.20: Sorry, we were a day late with the answers! You can access the answer key to the SDC crossword puzzle at this link.

Image credit: Crossword questions by Jennifer Katz, puzzle and tote bag design by Katherine Sang