Colorful confetti backdrop with the words "Announcing our Sarah Doyle Center Feminist Crossword Puzzle prize winners."

Announcing our Crossword Puzzle Challenge Winners!

By: Felicia Salinas-Moniz, Senior Assistant Director at the Sarah Doyle Center

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first feminist crossword puzzle challenge this year! Congratulations to the first 5 students who completed the puzzle correctly and won a “Radical Roots: Nourishing Feminist Work” tote bag prize filled with feminist swag.

Jose Celaya-Alcala
Sumera Subzwari
Juliana Katz
Katherine Clark
Olivia Howe

We had almost 50 people submit answers to this crossword puzzle challenge, so we’ve decided to release another crossword puzzle challenge in late-October. Stay tuned to the Radical Roots blog for when it goes live.

Our first crossword puzzle of the fall term is still online for those who haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. There is a node you can toggle called “show errors,” which will check your answers for accuracy. Additionally, the answer key can be found here when you’re finished and want to verify your answers.

If you were one of the students who submitted answers to the puzzle, we’d love to hear from you! Were there any questions, in particular, that stumped you? Did you learn something new about feminist history that you didn’t know? Please comment on this entry and share with us!