What is Feminist Art: A Virtual Exhibition of Children’s Artwork

By: Shanelle Haile, PhD Student in the Department of Sociology and Grad Parent Coordinator at the Sarah Doyle Center

We received 23 submissions during our open call for feminist art from the youth in the Brown community. Children were asked to create feminist works of art. The open call’s interpretation of “feminist art” includes abstract art submissions, such as the epic Dibble Dibble Dap Dap by Winter (age 3); depictions of historical figures Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, and Annie Oakley in The Dessert Party by Lola (age 7); and a Lego sculpture by Milo (age 5). I was particularly inspired by the work of our teenage artists, Bella (age 15) and Natalia (age 16), who submitted thematic pieces (Grow Further and Crying), which invite us to reflect on varied gendered experiences. For example, when I look at Grow Further I think of the liberating nature of knowledge. Crying makes me think of the complexity of social norms surrounding femininity. I don’t know whether these interpretations are what our two young, talented artists had in mind but this is the beauty of art. Each of us take from a piece what speaks to us.

I hope you also enjoy this virtual exhibition of children’s artistic expression. The children in our community are certainly a creative group of budding young artists. Cultivating their talents continues our work at the Sarah Doyle Center to foster community and encourage the next generation of potential feminist thinkers and artists.

Note: Five submissions were selected at random to win one of our art kits. The winners are: Claudeline Chery, Chantel Pheiffer, Regina Peick, Laura Stokes, and Isabel Mattia! Winners will be contacted via email.

2 thoughts on “What is Feminist Art: A Virtual Exhibition of Children’s Artwork

  1. Penina Posner

    What a wonderful exhibit! Their use of color and form is delightful. So many talented participants…Thank You Sarah Doyle for combining the concept of feminist art with the broad range of children/ young women artists. It really nourished my spirit…

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