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“Gender Politics” Crossword Puzzle Winners!

Thank you to those who played our “Gender Politics” Crossword puzzle! Out of 13 submissions, there were 2 folks who correctly solved all the questions. Congratulations Suzie Zhang and Payton de la Cruz!

The “Gender Politics” crossword puzzle is still online for those who haven’t had a chance to try and solve it. There is a node you can toggle called “show errors,” which will check your answers for accuracy. Additionally, the answer key can be found here when you’re finished and want to verify your answers.

Look out for our next crossword puzzle challenge rolling out in the new year!

Illustrated image of green plants with roots emerging from soil with the words "Regeneration Zine Open Call" on top.

What is With Us: SDC Regeneration Zine Open Call!

By: Billie McKelvie ’21, American Studies Concentrator, Sarah Doyle Center Zine Librarian

For our first open call collaborative zine, we are looking for work thinking about and responding to our theme for the year — Regeneration: Networks of Kinship and Care.

What seeds are you planting?

What do you give birth to? What is reborn through you? 

What do you resist? What forces do you hold against? 

Where are you located inside of your networks? Who do threads of care pull you closer to? 

Respond to these questions or anything off of this theme. We see this zine as a way of encouraging collaborative knowledge exchange and collaborative work in resistance to isolation. Now, as we are theoretically more siloed from each other than ever, what networks are still enabling our collective care and survival? We ask those same questions that ground the feminist work of our center – what is the labor of care? What is the work of reproduction? What does it take not just to recycle but instead regenerate? 

Submit short text, illustration, photographs, or anything else you want to include before December 1st. 

To submit and for more information, fill out our google form here

If you have any questions, contact Billie (they/them) our zine librarian at [email protected] 

Also, don’t forget to check out our virtual zine library blog where we highlight contemporary work by independent artists! Posts are going daily! You can find that online at