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Take the Regeneration Photo Challenge!

By: Shanelle Haile, PhD Student in the Department of Sociology and Grad Parent Coordinator at the Sarah Doyle Center

We are excited to invite Brown University families to participate in our Women’s History Month theme “regeneration” by taking the Regeneration Photo Challenge, which aims to connect us and encourage our children to consider the world through a feminist lens.

The Indigenous feminist concept “regeneration” is a call for growth and renewal after destruction. Regeneration challenges us to recognize the interconnectedness of people, places, and nature as we face many dangers, such as climate change, racial violence, threats to reproductive integrity, and inequities exacerbated by COVID-19. Regeneration is, to put it simply, a responsibility to create gentler ways of living together by working across generations.

Therefore, we want to hear from youth in the Brown community! Please encourage your children (for younger children, in collaboration with a parent or caregiver) to submit a photograph and a brief description of how the photo exemplifies regeneration.

Talk with your kids about what regeneration means in their homes and communities. Ask your child about what it means to create gentler relationships built on reciprocal care and how we can reorient our existing relationships toward interactions that emphasize a shared love for one another.

To enter this photo contest, submit your photo and description through this google form. Five participants will be selected at random to receive a terrarium kit. The kits come with all you need (including lighting) to create a mini garden—a small world—in your own home. 

The submission deadline is April 1st. Details and submission information can be accessed via this link. We look forward to your submissions!

Image credit: sarayut_sy/Shutterstock.com