“Radical Roots: Nourishing Feminist Work” comes from the Sarah Doyle Center’s 2020 Women’s History Series (WHS) theme. It speaks to the nourishment we receive from feminism as well as the nourishing feminist work that our center strives to do within our campus community. The word radical comes from the word “radix” or “root,” an etymology shared with the word “radish,” which led us to adopt the root vegetable for our WHS logo. Radical feminist work speaks to exploring the root of injustice while also keeping in mind our interconnectedness to land and to each other.

In the midst of our March programs at Brown University for Women’s History Series, our campus (along with many others around the world) went to remote learning in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. While our center cannot presently be a physical site for community gatherings, may this blog serve as a tiny seed for rooting our Sarah Doyle community in these trying times. The Sarah Doyle Center staff will curate and create content that aims to uplift our communities and highlight our capacity for resiliency and sustainability. We will update whenever possible with guest posts, musings, recipes, affirmations, etc.

Banner image designed by Katherine Sang ’21