A Response to NCRJ

June 14, 2014
An advocacy group, named the National Center for Reason and Justice (NCRJ), has written a response to The Witch-Hunt Narrative. Their response mischaracterizes the book in several important ways that are explained on this page. Their response also ignores almost all of the specific cases and evidence in the book. As it turns out, many of those cases are “sponsored” by NCRJ, meaning that the organization has been fundraising and advocating on behalf of the defendants in these cases. The book agrees with NCRJ’s position on the Baran case (pp. 126-28). But there are eight cases discussed in the book, sponsored by NCRJ, in which there was significant 
evidence of guilt. For readers interested in knowing more about that evidence, see the following passages in The Witch-Hunt Narrative:  Kellers (pp. 144-47), Smith/Allen (pp. 149-50), Friedman (pp. 130-33), Fuster (pp. 283-354), Halsey (pp. 147-49), Krivacska (pp. 393-94), Malcom (pp. 134-37), and Rouse (pp. 394-400).