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Ask a Simple Question (Part 2)

February 29th, 2012 Comments off

And now for a quick look at the other four questions we posed to Pamela Freyd last summer in the hopes of receiving an answer before the FMSF issued what was apparently their final newsletter. As detailed in the post below, Pamela went to great lengths to try to maintain the false impression that the Johnson case was about recovered memory therapy. It was not. As for the other for questions:

1. We asked, will you correct the record about the use of Betrayal Trauma Theory in court? You falsely insinuated that Betrayal Trauma Theory was not accepted in court, when in fact, as documented here, it has passed the Daubert test? Pamela’s answer is that it “remains to be seen how this theory will be accepted in various cases.” But the question was not whether Mrs. Freyd could predicate the future, it was whether she would acknowledge that Betrayal Trauma theory had already been accepted under the Daubert standard, as documented in our post.  Pamela Freyd is apparently unwilling to make a simple statement acknowledging that fact. Daubert cases have great significance to the Foundation if they favor their views; otherwise, they apparently do not count. Readers can decide if that is science or politics.  Read more…