Super Serotonin

The neurotransmitter I chose was Serotonin because of my previous background knowledge on the link between serotonin levels and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. The message I tried to convey was how Serotonin is linked to happiness, thus I drew a cartoon-like ‘Super Serotonin’ to express this. Along with the use of bright and playful colors in order to make the zine appear more eye-catching and approachable. My creative process involved using my drawing tablet in order to configure a model that I would use as the ‘main character’ of my zine, who would explain the functions of Serotonin and the places it is found. I used a mixture of digital and traditional art because I wanted the zine to look complete and neat. The look I was going for was energetic and playful, since Serotonin is often associated with mood, specifically happiness.



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