News: Beginning of March I will teach a mini-course at Harvard University about my research on characteristic gluing for the Einstein equations. See the poster for more infos.

I am a mathematician working in general relativity, and currently at the ICERM @ Brown University as an Institute Postdoctoral Fellow.

In my research I use tools from analysis, PDE theory and differential geometry to study fundamental problems of general relativity.

I am interested in the following topics:

  • Construction and analysis of spacelike initial data for the Einstein equations.
  • Control of solutions to the null structure equations, with sharp estimates in low-regularity geometric function spaces.
  • Solving the Einstein equations in low-regularity (continuation results, blow up criteria).
  • Gluing problems for characteristic and spacelike initial data.

My publications and preprints can be found on the research page.

The background picture above depicts the star cluster NGC 2203, credits go to ESA/Hubble.