AS Instructor

At the University of Toronto 

  • APM426/MAT1700 General Relativity (graduate course) (Instructor and course coordinator, 12 students, supervision of one TA)
  • APM346 Partial Differential Equations (Instructor, 150 students)
  • MATA33 Calculus II (Instructor and course coordinator, 530 students, supervision of 12 TAs) Calculus II for business/management students.
  • MATB24 Linear Algebra II (Instructor and course coordinator, 242 students, supervision of 8 TAs) Linear Algebra II for mathematics students.
  • MATA30 Calculus I (Instructor and course coordinator, 123 students, supervision of 3 TAs)Introduction to calculus for students of physical sciences.
  • MATC46 Differential Equations II (Instructor and course coordinator, 113 students) A course on differential equations for third year Mathematics students. 
AS Teaching assistanT

At the University of Toronto 

  • APM426 General relativity General relativity course for third/fourth year Mathematics students.

At the Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie (Paris 6)

  • 4M046 Équations aux dérivées partielles Partial differential equations, for mathematics Master’s students, Spring 2016. 
  • 1M002 – Suites et intégrales, algèbre linéaire Introductory course to calculus and linear algebra for first year maths students, Spring 2015. 
  • 1M005 – Eléments de mathématiques Introduction to calculus, linear algebra and probability theory for first year biology/chemistry students, Autumn 2014. 

At ETH Zürich

  • Mathematik I+II Introduction to calculus, linear algebra and probability theory for first year pharmacy/biology students, Autumn 2011-Spring 2012.