Gallery Lab

From February 20, 2018 through March 20, 2018, the Nightingale-Brown House’s Carriage House Gallery transformed into a Public Humanities Lab. During this time, Public Humanities graduate students mounted exhibitions, pop-up experiences, prototyping projects, performances, workshops, events and gatherings that probed questions about art, memory, storytelling, community, meaning-making, history, culture and identity. The first tiny exhibit features work from this series.

The Gallery Lab included the following projects:

  • Escape the Haffenreffer: Behind the Scenes, February 21 and 22, Aly Myers MA ‘19 and Bryn Pernot MA ‘18
  • Monument Worthy: Personal Memory Markers, February 23–March 1, Hannah Mooney MA ‘19 and Molly Pailet MA ‘19
  • A Seat @ the Table, March 5–8, Johanna Obenda MA ‘19, Taylor Jackson MA ‘19, Jacquelynn Jones MA ‘19 PhD ‘23, and Claritza Maldonado MA ‘19, PhD ‘23
  • The Phantom Archive, March 8, Kate Duffy, MA ‘15, PhD ‘19 and Erik Osheim
  • BAD ART, March 9–14, Maggie Unverzagt Goddard MA ‘17, PhD ‘21 and Mika Matsuno ‘18
  • moonhaus, March 16–March 20, Rica Maestas MA ‘18 and Julia Renaud MA ‘19

To learn more about these projects, check out Public Work, a podcast based out of the Public Humanities program (@PublicWorkPod).

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