This series of self-portraits is a semi-fictional documentary of my life—taken in a space I consider home, here in Providence.

Within the tiny room that I have lived for 500 days, I staged my shoots in the shower, bed, floor, table, closet; I dressed myself in clothes, wigs, and different personalities.

This process has developed a new relationship between me and my territory. With time spent with me and my camera, I am able to openly talk about solitude, frustration, and the experience of being an alien in a new country.

People who know me think I look too sad in these photos, but I am not sad at all.

I actually am very happy.

(PS. +86 is the country code of China, my homeland)

Bella Jiang (姜卓含) is a second-year student in the Public Humanities Master’s program, focused on design, curation, and creative marketing.

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