Insufficient Memories

Insufficient Memories is an interrogation of the relationship between memory and materiality. Through an exploration of storage constraints in the cell phone (the most ubiquitous of contemporary digital technologies), we seek to illuminate the tensions between the digital and the corporeal. What happens to memory when “memory” is rendered physical? How do metaphors and mechanisms of storage mediate our lives? What stories of twenty-first century life lie beneath our collections of apps, unread notifications, and file names? We seek to create and investigate the portraits we create through the media we screenshot, redact, retouch, share, yet ultimately delete.

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Kristen Iemma is a PhD student in American Studies at Brown University and holds an MSLIS from Pratt Institute. Her research addresses state record keeping practices in the U.S. and asks attendant questions regarding accessioning practices, authority, and representation. Some of her work can be found at

Will James is a Multimedia Artist based in Providence, RI. His visual art features informally and formally gathered qualitative data represented primarily through cable-knit fabric designs. He can be found online at @willconns, or in person at WBRU where he works to develop concepts and organizational creativity

Andrea Ledesma is an alum of the Public Humanities program at Brown University and Web & Digital Project Specialist at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. She’s fascinated by how digital technologies impact how we engage with history, culture and each other. Connect with her @am_ledesma

Jim McGrath is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Public Humanities at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage. He can be found online at and @JimMc_Grath.

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