Experiential Collages

This Morning, on My Way Home

This installation is a collaboration between a visual 2-D artist, Hannah Bashkow, and a musician/producer, Vivaan Jain. Our pieces are a combination of visual art and sound, collages in the conventional sense layered with an auditory dimension. The project is an exploration of cross-media inspiration, how does music we listen to affect visual artwork we create? How does one’s visual experience manifest itself in sound? How can we bring these two aspects together in a harmonious way to create a holistic piece of artwork? We are exhibiting seven Experiential Collages, pieces of visual and auditory content meant to be experienced simultaneously; each aspect accentuates and parallels the other.

We want our viewers to reflect on how their senses are connected, and take into account how one sense affects the experience of another. In a normal, in-person, gallery exhibit, many factors are controlled β€” lighting, sound, smell, temperature. With an online exhibition, each of these elements will be unique to the viewer. We want to use this circumstance as an opportunity for our viewers to create a holistic artistic experience for themselves, based around our pieces. View the collection in different environments and ponder some of the questions below as you do.

How are you oriented in space β€” sitting, standing, walking?
Is the sun out or is it nighttime?

A Moonbeam

What colors are you seeing around you?

If You’d Been Looking…

What smells are you sensing?

Incitement, Violence

Are you cold, or comfortable, or hungry?


Are you tired? What strong emotions have you experienced today?

Funky Bass Lines

What else is going on in your surroundings?

But What Does It All Mean?

How do such factors affect your interpretation of these collages, and how do they come together to evoke feeling?

We hope you enjoyed this experience. Please share among your friends and peers if you feel so inclined πŸ™‚
-Hannah & Vivaan

Hannah is a sophomore studying Visual Art. She enjoys taking walks and making things with her hands. She would like to thank Elizabeth Ochs for introducing her to collaging.
Vivaan is a sophomore studying Economics and interested in its applications to policymaking and design. He is currently on gap year in Los Angeles.

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