Inventions come from complaints. They are created to make our lives easier.

We complain all the time, but it seems like we forget about them when we actually try to come up with solutions. So, it’s a good idea to document your complaints;)

Brown has a website where students can rant about their inconveniences caused by Brown. It is called “What to Fix at Brown”, a.k.a. wtf Brown.

I have to think hard to recall what I have been complaining about in terms of dorm life, but here are a few that could be related to smart homes of some sort:

1. When washer or dryer has 5 min left, text the person who put the clothes in the machine so that the person doesn’t have to get his or her precious laundry thrown onto the top of the washer with a few pieces of clothing spilled on the floor, or the other person doesn’t have to troublesomely dig other person’s clothing out of the machine.

2. Indicate whether roommate has left left the room with his or her key, or is only at shower of at the lounge downstairs. This could solve a lot of issues of getting locked out.

3. Indicate whether the dorm kitchen is currently being used so that you don’t have to walk  down a few floors to find out you need to go back up to your room again because the kitchen is occupied.

4. Indicate that supply of soap or toilet paper in the bathroom is running low. (It can get quite inconvenient and embarrassing if you run out of those.)

5. [From Tushar] At the convenience of your room, allow visitors into the dorm. Right now, you would have to go down and get the door for them.

I’m sure I have complained more, but I cannot remember at this point!

Are there particular websites that has a pool of complaints from people about their houses?