We are half way done. I am a bit careful to use an exclamation point —  we have gotten some things to work, but we still have a long way to go.


  1. Currently multisensor is logging data locally on blue Surface Pro and Kinect is also collecting people counts locally on Surface Pro 2.
  2. Cannot install Z-wave Driver for Surface Pro 2
  3. Cannot install Kinect Driver for Asus laptop
  4. HP tablet has USB 3.0 port (for Kinect) and USB 2.0 ports (for Z-wave dongle) so unless there are issues with installing software for HomeOS, it should be good to go


Week 6

  • Read API design book
  • Look at Professor Kraska’s code on SmartThings App
  • Door sensor model for Helios

Week 7

  • SmartThings data collection (door sensor, power meter) –> make SmartApps to send data to Helios

Week 8

  • SmartThings API development for Helios to command action for SmartThings devices

Week 9

  • Continue SmartTHings data collection and API development
  • SmartThings related language development for better HCI

Week 10

  • Documentation of all process
  • Write explanation for what UPOD has been doing what each software is used for (Helios, HomeOS, SmartThings)
  • Make a demo for town hall meeting
  • Apprenticeship/course development for new members
    • Look at CS32 course material
    • Post, get requests tutorial
    • Summary of API book
    • Find academic papers for new members to read
    • Template for making post, get requests (Helios – SmartThings)
    • Write up how to make API for Helios
    • List tasks that could easily be done by new members
      • When internet connection / Helios is down, devices will log locally. We need to send this to Helios later on.
      • More sensors
      • Weather apps


plan graph