Rising from the ashes and other updates

Helios dev is back up! The supervisor script had been stopped and just needed to be restarted (followed by restart Helios and nginx reload).

With Helios back up multisensor data is logging (from the Z-wave stick connected to the blue Surface). However, the blue Surface seems to not be recognizing Kinect any more (even when plugged in directly) which is problematic to say the least. To get around these we’re using the black Surface (Surface 2) to log Kinect data. So the LabRoom now has multisensor, Kinect and light data being logged! (One caveat Hue lights are not working on the dev version, though they are on production, but hopefully with the ports open this will be easy to debug.)

We’re also setting up all the new devices we got today, and the Wi-Fi is clogging up a bit but the HP tablet and Lenovo laptop should be ready by tomorrow (which will allow testing of Kinect and Z-wave stick on same machine).

With Helios working again and HomeOS working, we can turn our attention to SmartThings. Jenny got hold of Professor Kraska’s SmartThings details, we’re thinking of writing a door-sensor-to-Helios app for SmartThings as one of the main targets for the week (as that will open up a large number of devices for logging and controlling).

Oh, and we also need to finish reading the API book, perhaps next week.


  1. [email protected]

    promising update! have we confirmed that the ports are open?

    • Tushar Bhargava

      I sent an email to t-staff. Waiting on their reply. If they’re closed it would explain why the emails were not sending.

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