Mission Impossible Now Possible

Finally we have good news to share today!

Let’s start off with a bad one : we have decided to put the blue Surface Pro 3 in the drawer because it seems to be faulty and malfunctioning in many cases. Even after uninstalling the old Kinect SDK and reinstalling a new one, it still did not recognize Kinect and freaked out when USB cable was plugged in.

For Surface Pro 2 and HP tablet, we figured out a way to install Zwave driver for Windows. Extracting before running the application was the key.

Then magic happened where everything else also worked. Given the issue raised on Microsoft website about Kinect needing to be the only device connected to one USB port, we thought that was the reason why Kinect kept on dying when plugged into USB hub with Zwave stick was because Kinect is resource-hungry. However, it turns out that they can coexist! Must have been a problem with the blue Surface itself.

We haveĀ  a package ready for Professor Littman to take home and install. The box includes a Surface Pro 2 that can successfully run HomeOS and send both Kinect and multisensor data to Helios. Also, we wrote up documentation for self-deployment so that when we send the package to Blase, he can set things up himself as well.

Currently, there is a set of multisensor and Kinect connected to HP tablet that are logging data in the lab room.

Tomorrow we will work on preparing package for Blase, debug Helios, and write door sensor model.


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    The (broken?) surface needs to go back to Lauren, no?

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