My roommate installed a home security system called Canary. Once you install an app on your phone, your phone serves as a presence sensor and knows whether you are home or not. It time stamps when you entered and left the house.

When both my roommate and I are not in the house, the device is in “Armed Mode” which allows us to make a siren alarm go off. When one of us is home, it is in “Disarmed Mode.”

It is currently sitting on a table in front of the front door, and I can watch a live feed from my phone. It uses a HD camera for vision and sound. Whenever motion is detected, it records 10 minutes or so of footage(both image and sound) which can be accessed from timeline of my phone. Yes, it is creepy.

Canary device also senses temperature, humidity, and air quality.

My phone is busily buzzing today because I am getting notifications from SmartThings door sensor whenever lab room door is opened and closed, and also from Canary whenever motion is detected in the house.

I find it interesting how there is a huge market for all the camera systems for safe home. About a week ago when I was in Boston, there were so many posters of Nest’s camera in subway stations. What is it that drives people to buy cameras to watch their homes, which is the most intimate and private place of all places? Is privacy an inevitable price you have to pay for security?

Any how, I am being tracked everywhere, from lab room with two Kinects and multisensors along with door sensor, and Canary at home.