Preparing for Future Generation

Today we devoted time on finishing up a crash course development for new members to recruit for UPOD. This crash course covers topics from JSON parsing, API, and making HTTP requests, to writing data models in SQL Alchemy. We believe that this will allow for a much more efficient transition for new members.

We also completed writing door sensor models and views. It is up on Helios-dev website. We documented each step taken on Helios wiki, so new members who went through the apprenticeship process can leave their marks by adding a new device to Helios.

Tomorrow we will tackle writing a SmartApp so that SmartThings devices will send data to Helios directly. Professor Kraska introduced to us a Masters student, Giselle, who has a complete kit of SmartThings installed at her house and wrote numerous SmartApps, so we plan show her the system we have and receive feedback.

Overall, very productive day!

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