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Listening to People’s Complaints

Inventions come from complaints. They are created to make our lives easier.

We complain all the time, but it seems like we forget about them when we actually try to come up with solutions. So, it’s a good idea to document your complaints;)

Brown has a website where students can rant about their inconveniences caused by Brown. It is called “What to Fix at Brown”, a.k.a. wtf Brown.

I have to think hard to recall what I have been complaining about in terms of dorm life, but here are a few that could be related to smart homes of some sort:

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Challenge Posed by Human Nature

I read a paper called Toward User-Centric Feature Composition for the Internet of Things written by Zave, Cheung, and Yarosh. This was a good paper to start with because it defined what “Internet of Things” stand for and what is expected out of it.

Internet of Things in a broad sense stand for a smart home where sensors and actuators are connected through the Internet. So far, there are more complaints than satisfaction because people expect the system to behave “intuitively” which may not be so natural for computers. On top of that, each individual is a complex being distinct from others, which makes it hard to come up with a model that fits everyone. Continue reading

Naggy Eco-Friendly House

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be quite inconvenient. It doesn’t quite go together well with “comfort.”

Home automation can be a perfect tool for saving energy because people are forgetful. In fact, an eco-friendly automated house can make people annoyed and perhaps angry. But it will be good for the environment.

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