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Magnetic Poetry and End-Users

Lit. Review

After a quick but brain-boggling look at Machine Learning yesterday, we returned to more HCI oriented papers today. I chose to read CAMP: A Magnetic Poetry Interface for End-User Programming of Capture Applications for the Home (Truong et al.).

The secret to controlling your smart home?

The secret to controlling your smart home?

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The Nest, Dumb Smart Homes and Common Roadblocks to ML

Today I waded through a paper outlining the shortcomings of the Nest smart thermostat and its limited success at learning users’ preferences. I also read a long rant from a tech blogger who had tried and failed at basic home automation. The combined (albeit limited) picture I got from the two articles conjured a somewhat bleak status quo for machine learning and user-programming in smart homes. Which of course, is just what an eager young researcher wants to hear (I’ll also try reading some more upbeat literature tomorrow).

Nest Thermometer

It looks good, doesn’t it?

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