A Bittersweet Place

Moving to a new country is never a simple exchange and the experience is often bittersweet. Every person we spoke to told a story of seeking opportunity, of incredible hope, but also intense sacrifice and hardship. Some told us that they wanted to “go home” one day, and others feel right at home exactly where they are. Despite passports that may confirm individuals as citizens of a country, members of diasporas feel pulled in multiple directions.

Our respondents, just like many Southeast Asian migrants in the same position, are constantly remembering, recreating, and reminding themselves of home. Along the way they negotiate the fractures between their past and present lives, demonstrating that Home truly is where the heart is….

“My son wanted to buy a toy airplane.
And then he said, “Mom, I send an airplane and then you can come now. I can send this there and then you can go back home. Because Papa said airplane is the only way you can go home.”