A Rong

我活在台灣我都喜歡。 我有打算在台灣如果找到一個好的丈夫[我就会]帶我的女兒來。。。我帶我女兒來應為住台灣很好。
“After living in Taiwan, I really like being here. I have plans to find a husband in Taiwan, then, afterwards, I’ll bring my two daughters over because it’s a good place to live.”

A Rong is a woman from Hanoi, Vietnam currently living in Taiwan. She migrated in 2017 for a job in a nursing home that would provide better financial support for her two children. This is her first time living abroad, and although she misses her children she has fully embraced Taiwan as her home, and wishes to stay as long as possible. Studying Mandarin is very important to her, and she aspires to become a translator.